Enhance Your Recorded TV Experience
Inside Windows 7 Media Center® using
Recorded TV HD


Named "Best New HTPC Product of the Year!"

Recorded TV HD allows you to watch your recorded tv shows in Windows Media Center® (Windows 7 & 8) with more style and ease.

Since you can setup multiple favorites lists, Recorded TV HD is a must for those who record a lot of television!

Version 1.9.5 (12/12/13) - revision history

Recorded TV HD is now free!

Use this product key when registering:

Above you can see there are many options for different views/themes.
There is a 'media center like view', a 'poster view', a 'metro theme' and a 'list view'.
There are many more options including the number of poster rows and a color scheme choice.

Recorded TV HD automatically sets the backdrops, posters, and thumbnails for your recorded tv in Windows Media Center.
The artwork is provided for free from thetvdb.com and themoviedb.org! Please consider contributing information to the open databases!

It's All Automatic!
Favorites Lists Are Great For The Whole Family!
All of the artwork and all information is all automatically set. IE no need to manually create folders, rename or move any files!

There is support for other file formats besides native recorded tv, but the files must be properly named.
Whether you live alone or with a houseful, favorites lists are great for sorting through and keeping track of all of your favorite shows!

You can make multiple favorites lists for yourself and for the kids so whoever is controlling the remote can see only the shows they want to see.

Checkmark indicates the episode has been watched.

Green bar is percentage of the episode that has been watched.

Sorting by genre is similar to favorites above except that they are automatically set.
If you need to change a show's genre you can do so in the settings program.

Enhanced Sorting Options
Commercial Break Viewer

Select any header choice at the top of the screen to sort the list to your liking. Above is the sort choice for a favorite list.

Commercial Break Viewer is brand new to Windows Media Center and is included in Recorded TV HD.

If you use commercial scanning software such as ShowAnalyzer and DVRMSToolbox to skip your commercials Commercial Break Viewer will show you where the commercial breaks are located. View the FAQ.

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